Famous Cities and Landmarks That Have Been Accurately Copied by China

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If you ever happen to be in China and you see the Eiffel Tower somewhere in distance, don’t get weirded out. You have not been magically transferred to Paris. Chinese just really like copying famous landmarks and even entire cities or villages and the similarity is truly spectacular and a bit scary. Some of them have been elegantly inserted into large cities and others have not been finished completely and thus remain as ghost towns.


1. Venetian Canals vs Florentia Village in China

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This replica town in China is a shopping center that spans over 50 acres.

2. Venetian Architecture vs Florentia Village

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The Venetian architecture goes back to the 12th century and the Chinese have made a replica of a shopping mall in Florentia using some main characteristics of the specific architecture style.


3. Hallstatt in Austria vs China’s copy

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Hallstatt is an ancient salt mine village in Austria and the Chinese spent over 940$ to built a replica, which caused controversy.

4. The Eiffel Tower vs Tianducheng’s version

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We’ve all seen the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but there is another place where you can see it. Unfortunately, the Chinese twon where it was built is now a ghost town.


5. New York City vs China’s mini Manhattan

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The Chinese tried to create a mini Manhattan, but like many of their projects were never finished and this town is now a ghost town.

6. Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders House vs Anting German Town near Shanghai

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According to reports, only one in five apartments are occupied in this replica of apartment buildings.


7. Dutch Windmills vs Shanghai’s Holland Town

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Dutch trains are run 100% by using energy from the windmills, but the Chinese replicas are only there as decoration.

8. Sigtuna in Sweden vs China’s version near Shanghai

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Not coming as a surprise, this is another ghost town of China.

No matter how successful an effort in copying is, it will never reach the level of perfection of the original landmark and it seems like the Chinese spend millions of dollars to create things that end up being completely abandoned.


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