Fanny Packs Are Back in The Most Fashionable and Interesting Way



Everyone that lived through the 1990s and early 2000s remembers fanny packs and how widely used they were. They made it easy for people to perform any kind of activity they wanted, without having to carry a bag on their back or shoulder for their most necessary items. As fashion progressed, fanny packs were dropped, since they weren’t exactly the most attractive and fashionable items. Fashion isn’t known for opting for what’s more comfortable, but for what looks better. But, it seems that some of the biggest fashion labels around the world have decided that the fanny pack deserves more time with us and this time things are a bit different. These new fanny packs are either being put around the waist or over the shoulder and they look a bit different in size and style. Some of them are like small handbags with a belt to put around the waist.

1. Gucci leather belt bag for $1,067


2. Louis Vuitton x Supreme

Most recently, we saw Liam Payne from One Direction wearing a fanny pack of this brand around his shoulder.


3. Balenciaga

A$AP Rocky was the first celebrity to be seen wearing this specific fanny pack and it looks good on him.


4. Gucci

Another design of a fanny pack from Gucci that is bigger and surely more noticeable.


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