Fashion Trends That Will Rule Our Streets in 2018


Every year is different when it comes to style and fashion trends. This is one of the reasons that I barely follow the trends that everyone seems to love. What’s the use in buying a trench coat that will be out of fashion the next year? But, that’s just my state of mind. Besides that, I love following fashion and the various trends that pop up. It gives me food for thought. Seeing the way fashion evolves and how people like to dress in  that they once thought as ‘ugly’ or ‘old-fashioned’ helps me examine the way consumerism and modern life can change our minds. This doesn’t mean that every fashion trend is bad or ugly. Some trends have proven that they are timeless and even if they get dropped for a couple of years, they are back in fashion after a short period of absence.

1. Check print coats, jackets and pants


That’s a design that no one really expected. I would recommend you opted for a formal trousers instead of a coat.

2. Etoile Isabel Marant Skirt With a Bow


It really looks great, right?

3. Fringe bag


Get ready to see a lot of fringe this year and not only on bags.

4. Violet and Lavender


Pantone chose ultra violet as 2018’s color of the year, but lavender is a very close hue that will dominate as well.

5. ’60s Floral Prints


Prepare yourself for a spring that will be filled with bold, colorful patterns that will surely get all eyes on you.

6. Large accessories


Yeah baby!

7. Steve Madden Sandals


These transparent sandals and previously boots have been around for a few months now and although the boot version is quite ugly, the sandals are not all that bad.

8. Fisherman bags

Pinterest | Maura Lindquist

This bag will either be carried by every woman everywhere or will be instantly dismissed. We will just have to wait and see.

If you need to remember two things about this year’s trends, these are the check print design and the violet/lavender colors. If you are not one to take risks, these two options are the best and safer ones.


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