Filip Hodas’ Pop Culture Dystopia Depicts Littered Landscapes of Obliterated Icons


What would the disintegration and decay of pop culture look like? A dystopian landscape of corroded cartoon characters, decomposing doll eyes and polluted pop icons? Prague-based digital designer Filip Hodas brings us a creative look at the theme through a series of digitally-painted portraits depicting cultural idols in a state of severe corrosion. 

In a departure from his ‘daily renders’ series — which has been ongoing since 2015 — hodas has dedicated this latest collection of imagery to ‘pop culture dystopia’. In it, popular cartoon classics like pac man, hello kitty and the mario kart mushroom are graffitied, dirtied and disintegrated beyond repair. Semi-robotic, industrial mechanics churn from mcdonald’s happy meals and Coca-Cola cans. Hodas says that the main goal of this series was the improvement of his skills and ‘to learn how to use substance painter and how to implement it in my texturing workflow. all of the textures are made procedurally in substance designer with little details from illustrator/photoshop.’

Via designboom