Find Out the Things You Do That Destroy Your Hair

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I think we can all agree that women love their hair a little too much and of course we cannot blame them. Everyone’s attached to their hair, since they are a source of confidence. We spend a lot of time and money to make them look incredible and amazing but did you know that some of the things we do actually destroy them instead of adding to their beauty?


1. Skipping cuts

People need to understand how important it is that in order to have long hair you really need often haircuts. These will help you get rid of split ends and give your hair a more natural look.


2. Conditioner Overload.

You really need to know that conditioner must be use on the end of the hair not on the scalp. Moreover, conditioners also contain sudstances that strip the hair instead of preserving it.


3. Extend your knowledge.

Long extension might give you that incredible look but in fact they can really harm you. For example they can cause tears and even balding.


4. Let it loose. 

Ponytails and braids might look good on you, but you should free your hair often and let them breathe.


5. Dry Shampoo. 

Don’t over do it by choosing the easy fix, since too many uses of dry shampoo can cause great damage to your hair.


Find the right brush

Using just any type of brush to comb your hair isn’t the correct way to go. You should try and pick a brush that really benefits your type of hair.

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Wet hair

Many people untangle their hair right after getting off the shower. Well, that’s a huge mistake since wet hair is more susceptible to damage.


Don’t use a flat iron when your hair’s still wet.

It might be convenient but, this method can really destroy your hair’s health.


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I really hope that you enjoyed this video and the tips were useful to you and your hair. Us women love our hair and we tend to put too many products on it not thinking about how harmful they might be.


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