Finnish Photographer Proves Fairy Forests Are Real In Finland


Many people think of Finland as the land of cold weather, darkness, and many forest trees. However, Ossi Saarinen (previously here and here), a Finnish wildlife photographer, believes that the country is much more than just that, and he shows another surprisingly enchanting side of his motherland through nature photography.

Ossi brings pleasant feelings through his photos of spectacular Finnish nature, especially the untouched forests, that Finnish people are so proud of, covering almost three-quarters of the whole country. And within these peaceful and ancient forests, wild animals roam freely and enjoy their lives at their best.

Finnish animals appear to be very mysterious, fascinating and charming just like they’ve stepped out from fairytales. Ossi does not skip the chances to capture the beauty of Finnish wildlife in animal photography snaps. He believes that every encounter between the animals and humans becomes an unforgettably amazing experience (Well, let’s not talk about the encounter with a bear).

Now, let’s enjoy the fairytale’s atmosphere in his nature and wildlife photography portfolio.

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Finnish Photographer Proves Fairy Forests Are Real In Finland

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