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”Food Gradient” Is a New Instagram Trend

Instagram | wrightkitchen


Back in time food was considered a very simple thing. People would consume it in order to survive and they wouldn’t make a big fuss about it. As time went by, food became a form of art and science. People are now studying to become chefs. They use rare and high end ingredients to create dishes that look more like a piece of art than food you can eat. Through Instagram, you can see how imaginative people can get with food and (why not?) maybe become inspired to get a little more creative yourself!

Brittany Wright is the woman who started this instagram trend, which later opened new paths for her. 

Instagram | wrightkitchen

Brittany has grasped the idea that you first eat with your eyes and knows exactly how to make our eyes open as wide as they can.

Instagram | wrightkitchen

She places one type of food at the time based on its size, color and texture, creating very alluring images.

Instagram | wrightkitchen

She started using the hashtag #foodgradients and people started noticing her incredible work.

Instagram | wrightkitchen

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