Genius Beauty Tips That Will Help You Look Refreshed!

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Females all around the world pay attention to this! These must known tips will be your guide that will lead you to a more pretty and refreshed look. I know that, due a one’s busy schedule, it can be impossible to give the neccessary attention to the appearance. These tips will make you achieve a more refreshed and ”vivid” look and will literally take you very less time to do. Besides, you wouldn’t love to look flawless without trying too much?

1. Cinnamon.

Cinnamon essential oil will make your lips look brighter and full. Add a few drops in your lip balm or lip gloss.


2. Coconut and olive oils.

These oils are prefect for removing water-resistant makeup, even without the use of a face cleanser.


3. Moisturizer.

If your foundation is too thick, add a small portion of your favorite moisturizer in it.


4. Light foundation.

If your foundation is too light for your skin, you can intensify it by mixing it with some liquid bronzer.


5. Dry mascara.

If you favorite mascara starts getting too dry, you can add a few drops of saline solution inside the tube and it will came back to life!


6. Broken powder makeup.

A clever way to fix your broken powder makeup is to add a few drops of rubbing alcohol in it. Then mix it with a knife and let it dry completely before use!


7. Nail polish.

A problem all women face is when our nail polishes become too thick to apply or too hard too open. In such cases add the bottle inside a bowl of really hot water. Let it stay there for a few minutes and they your nail polish will be as new!


8. Eyelash curler.

Before curling your eyelashes, warm your curler with a hairdryer for a few seconds. It will make your curled lashes last longer!


You should definitely start using those tips. They are quite helpful and, as you can imagine, life saving.

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