Good Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cruises


Summer is approaching and many people are already looking to book their summer vacation. For some of you it will a relaxing couple of days at an island or a quiet destination and for some of you it will be 20 days on a cruise. Well, if this will be your first time on a cruise, you should probably know all the facts before you decide to go for it. Do you really want to spend 20 days on a boat in the middle of the ocean and make stops that don’t last for more than 9 hours? Keep reading and you will find other things that you may not want to see happening to you.

1. Pricey drinks


Cruise drinks look so fancy and refreshing and even if your trip is all-inclusive, they will find a way to charge you extra for hidden service charges and premium alcohols. And you better not try to sneak in your own booze.

2. If someone is sick, you will be too


Like it happens in your home, when someone gets a virus it is highly possible that many others will follow, which means that you should always follow the rules of hygiene.

3. Watch our for food poisoning


Actually, you can’t watch out for it. If you get, you get it. It is quite hard to keep food fresh on a cruise, which means that one slightly ruined piece of shrimp might ruin your vacation.

4. The WiFi will cost you more than a pair of Gucci slippers


The cost of wifi is extremely expensive, varying from $24 an hour to $0.75 per minute. Maybe you should think of an alternative way to get internet service.

5. People go overboard and disappear


Do you want to return back home safe? Don’t go overboard. Since 2000, almost 200 people have disappeared after jumping in the ocean. You don’t want the number to increase, do you?

6. You have very few time to see the locales


Every stop will give you from 4 to 10 hours to see the designated locales, which is quite limited considering the fact that you spent 20 hours or more in the ship.

7. It can get super crowded


Places like the pool can get extremely crowded, to the point that you will lose your friends and won’t find them again. This can be very frustrating and annoying.

8. Hygiene problems may appear


Although most cruises put hygiene very high on their list, unpleasant accidents, like a clogged toilet, might appear since there are so many people and so few bathrooms to service them.

Cruises are not the best places to have your vacation, since you could get easily robbed or lose something in all that crowd. You should be very careful and not let anyone trick you into buying something that you will later realize has been charged into your account.


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