This Guy Created Weapons Out Of Famous Brand Logos

Front image by | tomgalle

Many people love showing off the famous logos in their clothes in any manner! Channel, D&G, Nike, Adidas etc., are some of them. A New York based artist, named Tom Galle, has the incredible idea of recreating such brand longs in true life weapons. Have you ever felt the need of stabbing someone with a nike knife?

McDonald’s logo.

It is time to see the famous logo from another perspecive.

Instagram | tomgalle

Brass Knucklers.

Knock them off with style!

Instagram | tomgalle

Nike knife because regular knives are boring.

Instagram | tomgalle

It looks pretty dangerous.

Instagram | tomgalle

Facebook crowbar.

Instagram | tomgalle

This looks pretty scary as well.

Instagram | tomgalle

Mercedes Ninja Star. 

Instagram | tomgalle

This fidget spinner is not for kids!!

Instagram | tomgalle

I really want to see what is next of this project!

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