Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older


Making changes on your hairstyle is always welcome and can really boost your mood. However, one hair misshappening can be enough to destroy your overall look and make you look way older than you actually are. That’s why you should be very careful! The truth is that most of the mistakes listed below are really common. That’s why today we are going to reveal you the hair 6 mistakes you’ve probably been doing. Take notes!


1. You cut them too short

If your hair is healthy and rich there is no reason to chop them just because you are over thirty. This is a common mistake that women over a certain age make and it can actually fire backwards, since rich long hair is will make you look way younger.


2. Your hair extensions are too long

That’s the opposite of what we talked about before! In general, you should probably know till now that extremes are never good. When hair extensions are too long, they tend to be heavy and push your face’s features downwards creating an ”uptilifting” effect.


3. You are afraid to bleach your hair

As you can see in the picture above, the difference is huge! So, if you are a natural brunette and you keep insisting on that colour, you should know that dark colours make your skin look paler and more tired. A good idea would be to try some lighter colours!


4. You don’t know how to deal with grey hair

That’s quite obvious, don’t you think? But how do you deal with an issue like this? Well, professional hairstylists claim that trying to make your hair look yellowish is not the best tactic. The best you can do is to dye your hair into a soft, blonde shade that is close to grey.


5. Don’t exaggerate

Many women think that making crazy changes on their hair will be refreshing for their look. Don’t make that mistake! Gracious and elegant should be your motto.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για madonna pink hair

6. Go for bangs!

If they have volume and the length is correct, bangs can make you look way younger! You don’t believe us? Then you just have to try it like Halle Berry did!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για halle berry bangs

7. You place your part in the wrong spot

Experts suggest that you should part your hair slightly off the middle, in order to give a bit more volume to the roots and still have a pretty and youthful look.


8. You comb your hair back

Choosing to comb your hair back, can highlight your forhead’s fine lines and also draw attention to your hairline growth. Go for a more cotemporary hairstyle like the one you see on the right image.


At this point, I think it would be important to note that as the years go by, aging is inevitable. Both men and women can look amazing at any given age; the purpose of this article is to help some of you out there who want some tips in order to choose the most flattering haircut and accentuate your natural beauty. So, which one was your favorite? I really liked Halle Berry’s haircut!


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