Haircut Transformations That Show the Importance of a Good Barber


Although men lose their hair earlier in life and on a higher level than women, they aren’t born as attached to them as women. This is maybe the reason that they don’t visit their barber as often as women visit their hairdresser. It might take months before some men will visit the barber, when their hair will have grown to a serious length. Imagine how different they look after they cut off their long hair and beard and their face is freed from the excessive hair.

1. This guy had really underestimated himself all this time that he chose to have all this hair and long beard.


Now, he looks like a completely different person.

2. His long dreadlocks were cool, but he was also hiding his beautiful features and especially his magnificent blue eyes.


Just wow!

3. This is a homeless guy that was taken in by a barber and was given a massive transformation.


Is this for real?

4. I don’t why he decided to let his hair grow that much, but I am glad that he reconsidered his decision.

Instagram | ritualalchemyhair

And now, his hair looks healthier than ever.

5. Guys who grow their hair either look like they are metal heads or they are serious pot heads.

Instagram | zanewithay

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little, but this is often the case.

6. I bet it is a barber’s pleasure to take the big scissors and start cutting off all that hair before grabbing the razor.

Instagram | harleys_barbershop

This must be really satisfying for the barbers.

7. This guy looked a little bit like a homeless beggar, but cutting his hair and putting on his good clothes really transformed him.


That’s just amazing!

8. Let that big smile shine your face and the rest of the world, my friend. There’s no reason to hide it behind this hair.

Instagram | salonaquarius

Men are self-conscious too. When they don’t feel very comfortable with themselves, they sometimes grow their hair so that their face will be covered. Apart from that, they sometimes let themselves go without any special reason or they simply go through the metal head phase.


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