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The Top Must-Try Short Hairstyles That Will Make You Feel Free


Most women are scared to cut their hair short, since society has taught us that long hair is more beautiful and desirable. However, short hair isn’t only just an easy, convenient choice. If you give it a chance, it can actually be chic elegant and adorable. That’s why we have gathered the best short hairstyles you can ask your hairdresser for.

1. Short hair with bangs

Think of Audrey Tautu on Amelie, but even shorter. That’s a cute hairstyle suitable for any face shape. Plus, it can emphasize any colour.

2. Short layered hair

Who says short hairstyles should be boring and all of the same length? With layered hair you can add the volume you were always looking for.


3. Short bob hairstyle

We are talking about the ultimate all-time classic hairstyle. Chic and sexy at the same time.

4. One sided bob hairstyle

Okay, the classics are good but sometimes you need to spice things up a bit, don’t you think? So, here is an alternative of the previous hairstyle, only this time it is one sided! Cool right?


5. Short choppy hairstyle

If you are searching for something messier, just-got-out-of bed kind of look, then the short choppy hairstyle is definitely for you.

6. Short curly hair

If you don’t know how to jazz up your short hair then your should just turn to your curling iron.


7. Ombre short hair

In case you are looking for a way to make your bob a bit more refreshed, then our suggestion is to try ombre.

8. Tomboy haircut

If you don’t like compromising and you go for the extremes, then we bet you would rock this tomboy haircut. The question is: Would you dare it?


9. Buzzed hair

Would you dare something like that?

10. Mohawk

I think it’s really tough to pull such a haircut off, but for those who do, it can look really cool!


So, this was our list of the top 10 short haircuts that can bring up the beauty on any face. Which one was your favorite and which one would you feel brave enough to try?