Hairstyles That Take Years off a Woman’s Face


Women have been taught from the beginning of times that they are beautiful only up until a certain age. Nowadays, things are a bit better and women don’t think that they stop being beautiful once a few wrinkles appear on their faces. Well, at least some of them. Hollywood women (a large percentage of them) are constantly trying to preserve their face like it was back in their 20s. They try the weirdest and sometimes most dangerous techniques to achieve that and their hair could not be missing from their list of changes. There are a few hairstyles that create a flow that takes off a few years of a woman’s face and this is what we are going to concentrate on.


1. Sleek bangs


Allison Janney has become a synonym of that hairstyle, with the super straight side bangs and the ponytail giving her a very refreshing look.

2. Ombre waves


Look how youthful and refreshed Laura Dern’s face looks on this photo and how the ombre waves are making her face shine.


3. Sleek bob


A usual hairstyle for women over 40 and not by luck. This hairstyle helps minimine the flaws that a woman may be having on her face and it creates some great flow.

4. Dramatic bangs


Covering the entire forehead has always been a way to hide problematic areas, like forehead wrinkles.


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