Hilarious Memes That Will Give You an Idea About How Restaurant Workers Feel

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Working at a restaurant is one of the most demanding and pressuring job out in the job market and here are some good reasons. First of all, people are so demanding when it comes to their food. They expect to be served 5-10 minutes after being seated and that’s simply absurd. Secondly, they will try and be funny when your butt is on fire and you have a million things on your head. Thirdly, nobody realizes that a cook’s arms are all burns and cuts so that you can eat in less than 20 minutes after arriving. I could go on like this for days, but it would be funnier to move on to some hilarious memes that show the drama of restaurant workers.

Why did you expect anything else?

Instagram | server_life

Or usually it’s the bathroom.


Yeah, nobody cares.

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You just have to. You’re chasing after tips after all.

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It’s the job that kept you glued together.

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Yeah, a piece of inside info: nobody truly cares about your complaints.

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Yeah, that goes for the servers, not the cooks.

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Sorry, not sorry.


Another piece of inside info: servers communicate with one another based on what you wear and how your hair looks like.

Instagram | restaurantmemes

They see you carrying 3 plates on each hand and they suddenly think you’re Superman.

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Let’s call a doctor for decryption.

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Painfully accurate.

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I know that many of you will not 100% understand those memes and laugh only at what the pictures show, but those who are in this business will laugh from the depths of their hearts and even cry a little.


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