Hilarious Pictures Comparing Kate Middleton With Other Women After Giving Birth

Twitter | LidiaNews

On April 23rd, Kate Middleton aka The Dutchess of Cambridge and Prince William brought to life their third child. As usual, they made a quick appearance outside the hospital to greet the people and take photos with their newborn just 7 hours after giving birth. Kate Middleton reminded nothing of a woman who just gave birth. She looked stunning, with her red dress and her amazing hair, making a ode to Princess Diana. Her appearance made many women laugh at the situation and start sharing their pictures after giving birth. The comparisons are guaranteed to make your day.


She looks like she just woke up from her evening nap

Twitter | LidiaNews

Other women feel like they’ve just had a car accident.

Sleepy? Nah, not at all!

Instagram | ruthannieparnell

She’s a Dutchess. She doesn’t have time to stay in bed resting.


The only similarity is the babies holding the breasts

Instagram | yvejones

Did you expect from a Princess to appear sitting on a wheelchair?

Instagram | theformer_ntmom

If she can handle dinner with the Queen, she can definitely handle making public appearances after giving birth.


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