Hilarious Times When Parents Treated Their Kids Like They Were Babies

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As we get older, we start forgetting that we are still someone’s baby no matter how old we get. We have this probably distorted idea about what age really means and what we should and shouldn’t be doing. However, we totally forget that this is only the way we view ourselves, but there are two people in the world that will never view us like these. These two people, who are our parents, will always see us as their babies and will never stop doing the same things that they did for us when we were 12. This is why we love them so much.




This man is 34 and has three kids, but his mom still brings him lunch at his office.



She’s 28, but her mom wanted her to take this picture holding the balloon.




This Korean mother vacuums her son’s shirt so that he is 100% clean.



This woman’s dad finds all the unusual places to hide money every time he visits her house.


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