Horror Cosplays That Could Easily Be Featured in Actual Horror Films

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Being a cosplayer requires excellent makeup skills and a running imagination. Some artists make a career out of copying the looks of famous movie characters, while others invent their own characters from scratch. No matter which one they choose, the result can be equally impressive, with the artists showing their abilities in applying makeup. There are many cosplayers out there who love horror and working with materials that resemble blood and other disgusting things. Here are some of the best that we could find online.

The Nun recreated by makeup artist Artemis.

Instagram | art_emis_

The nun from American Horror Story: Asylum.

Pinterest | Geek Girls Are Real

The Jigsaw killer.

Pinterest | Geek Girls Are Real

Freddy Krueger from A Nightware on Elm Street.

Instagram | pure.horror

A less obvious scary approach by Artemis.

Instagram | art_emis_

The Pennywise.

Pinterest | MY MakeupHalloweenCosplay Looks

A three-faced monster.


Τhe white walker.

YouTube | Elsa Rhae

Cosplaying is a form of art that is currently practised by millions of people worldwide and there are various conventions where they meet and share their costumes and makeup designs. And as time goes by, the more popular cospaying becomes.


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