Household Objects With Built-In Speakers


There was a time that in order to listen to some music you needed to have a gramophone or a cd player and the music would only be played at the area that the device was located. Now, things are different. You can have an iPod and connect it to a dozen of speakers and listen to music in your entire house. In the past few years technology has gifted us with furniture that have built-in speakers so that we can listen to music anywhere we are and also live a unique experience watching a movie at home.


1. Acoustable is easily customized based on your choice of audio systems.


It can be controlled via bluetooth.

2. Geneva Sound System XXL is a powerful device that can support a 65 inch fat screen and can be controlled via bluetooth. 


It comes at $3.500.


3. Soundwall is the name of these original pieces of art that are fitted with a slim audio system, which when activated plays the artist’s curated playlist.


How awesome is that?

4. Stiga Studio Ping Pong Table will make you even more passionate about the game with its powerful audio system and light equipment.


I want it so much!


5. Wren Console Stereos are filled with audiophile-quality speakers and woofers, a built-in recessed turntable, inputs for up to five more devices, and a storage compartment.


What more can you ask for?

6. The best couch for a video gaming and movie experience with powerful audio speakers to support your screening.

Pinterest | Donald Rottinghaus

It looks super comfy too!


7. This floating shelf can be useful to store your books and also connect your iPod and listen to your favorite music.


Pretty smart, huh?

8. Most people like music with their work and this micro desk will offer you an incredible daily experience.

Pinterest | Eastjean

Since we’re all listening to music hours per day or watching some funny video on YouTube or streaming our favorite album on Spotify, speakers have become crucial in our lives. Unfortunatelly, all these furniture pieces come at a price, so it’s your decision whether you’ll spend a great amount of money to buy some of them.


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