How Differently You See The World According To Your Physical State?

YouTube | TheProGamerJay

The most simple example of seeing the world differently is when we are drunk. Eveything seems so funny and no bad thought crosses our minds. We are so relaxed that even our eyesight starts to go wrong. I don’t mean that we are blinded (obviously), but we surely see things a bit distorted, like a road having both right and left turns when it has only right ones.

1. Hypermetropia is an eyesight issue that makes you see the background clearly, but not what’s in front of you.


2. Being practically blind, means that you can see the light and the figures, but not recognize them.


3. Color blindness does not work the same for every person. In general, all colors lose their saturation.


4. If you ever wondered how a baby sees the world around it the first months of its life, here’s your answer.


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