How Many Groceries Can You Buy for $20 Around the World?


Going at the grocery store can be the happiest or the saddest moment for anyone. Happiest because you could find the best special offers that you have ever found and saddest because your money isn’t enough for you to buy everything you need and you have to leave some of the items at the counter. The prices of groceries are usually formed based on the income of a country’s people. This makes sense, since a country with low income and expensive groceries is slowly driving its people to starvation.


1. England 


The UK might have very expensive public transportations, but its groceries are pretty affordable.

2. Japan

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Your everyday meals in Japan will have less choices in food, since everything is a bit expensive. 


3. Russia


In Russia you can eat like a King with just $20 and you might be left with a few change as well.

4. U.S.A


It seems like in the U.S.A buying a bunch of frozen meals in cheaper than buying one medium pizza.


5. Arab Emirates

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I would expect less at the Arab Emirates, but at least you can buy both meat and rice.

6. Kazakhstan


In Kazakhstan you can go at the store and buy a bunch of stuff and then stop by the pub and grab a beer too.


7. Liechtenstein


Yes, in Liechtenstein one small box of ice-cream will cost you $10, so you better carry food from your home.

8. Germany


In Berlin, Germany you can buy numerous items that will be enough to feed you for a few days.

If I may warn you from now, Switzerland and Iceland are super expensive when it comes to groceries. The only thing you might be able to buy with $20 is one small chicken or 2 beers are the pub. You should be prepared so that you won’t go starving.


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