How to Build the Walk-in Closet of Your Dreams


We’re used to seeing walk-in closets in films and TV series, where the protagonists spend a lot of time daily while choosing what to wear. We were made to believe that walk-in closets are something that only rich people can have and that’s very unfair. Anyone can have a walk-in closet if there is an extra room that you don’t know what to do with. Some people will opt to ‘cut’ the bedroom space and create a walk-in closet where there isn’t one already. It may cost you something extra, but the result will be worth every penny.


1. Sitting and a table


Two of the first things you should keep in mind is that a walk-in closet needs to have some sitting space and a table where you can put the clothes of your choice.

2. Show your personality


A walk-in closet must follow your character and your personality. If finesse is what you’re going for, a minimalistic design is the best.


3. Add a chandelier


By adding the chandelier you upgrade the glamour factor and your closet looks even cooler, especially if it’s all white.

4. Closet with a view


Closets are usually rooms with absolutely no view, but maybe you would like to reconsider that and also add some curtains.


5. Shoe-seum


When your shoes need their special place for storage, you should categorize them based on color or the length of the heel.

6. Entering a rug


Walk-in closets are usually moody, which means that a rug will immediately create a warmer feeling.


7. Know your style


Don’t expect your contractor to give you advice. Find your desirable style and theme and create the image of your dreams.

8. Dressing room


It would be a great idea to merge your closet with a dressing room, so that you won’t have to leave this space in order to finish your look.

I would also advise you to opt for a bold color and not be afraid to stand out. If you go for the classic all-white option, you should be very careful with the type of wood you will put. Choose a darker, but not too dark shade of brown.


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