How Would Politicians Look Like If They Had Man Buns?


Like many people in their profession, politicians have to follow certain rules that aim to keep their image on an elevated level and make them look classy. Like models need to be thin, politicians have to keep their hair short. It may not be a written rule, but if you are a politician and you want to keep your hair long or in braids, it’s possible that your advisors will advice you against it and many people will judge you negatively about it. This is such a shame, since we are trying to break down all the stupid rules that define our lives. I mean, wouldn’t it be great if politicians laid back and let their hair grow shaping a man bun?


Vladimir Putin looks so strict when he is doing his job and a man bun would be perfect to sweeten him up.


Donald Trump’s hair are already the worst that they could be, so a man bun would totally save his look.

Twitter | FigDrewton

Kim Yong-un looks like a sweet little hipster boy with his man bun and his innocent laughter. 


Now, if that is not a President that you would like to rule the world, then I don’t know who is.


Barrack Obama already looked pretty cool, but with the addition of a bun he looks a lot like Future.


Abraham Lincoln was such a genius of a leader that nobody would care if he had a man bun.


No offense, but George Washington’s real hair were much worse-looking than this fictitious bun is.


I know that nobody can view Adolf Hitler in a funny way, but you have to admit that his bun is pretty hilarious.


Man buns used to be pretty normal for men back in time, when people didn’t confuse hair with sexuality. Unfortunately, now a man’s hairstyle will always be analyzed and judged based on sexual criteria. I don’t know what the big deal is, but men can be perfectly heterosexual and have a bun at the same time, without losing any of their seriousness.


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