Husband Asked His Wife to Choose Between Him and Their 30 Dogs and Her Answer Was Much Deserved

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Mike Haslam and his wife Liz had been married for 25 years, when he finally got fed up with her obsession with dogs and gave her an ultimatum. It was either him or their 30 dogs. The answer he got was not unexpected, since Liz’s family had been very close to animals and owned an animal food company. When Liz told him that she chooses the dogs, he left their home and he hasn’t communicated with her ever since. Liz is proud to give home and love to abused dogs and strays and doesn’t regret her decision at all.

Mike Haslam gave his wife Liz an ultimatum to choose between him or their 30 dogs

Liz chose to stay close to her dogs instead of sending them away.

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Her family had always been animal-obsessed and even owned an animal food company

Her answer should have been expected from her husband, who should have been okay with her life choice after 25 years of marriage.

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After getting married, she decided to start a boarding kennel business

They moved to a half-acre land and Liz thought it would be a perfect opportunity for her to start helping dogs with mental and medical issues.

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She founded BedforBullies, which operates with donations

Her business focuses on bull terriers that are not accepted into other rescues. Many of them were used in dog fights and suffer from brain damage.

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The dogs she takes care of face various issues with 5 of them being deaf

Liz spends 18 hours a day assisting the dogs who have various problems and defects.

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She feels that it is her responsibility to aid the dogs she has taken in

Since she has opened her heart and home to these dogs, she can’t just abandon them. She feels that it’s her responsibility to care for them.

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Her business in successful but it doesn’t cover all the costs

30 dogs is a big number and although her business is successful, the donations are not enough to cover the house’s costs.

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Her landlord gave her a year to find a new house because of the increased number of dogs

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Liz doesn’t let anything put her down. Not her husband, who abandoned her or the landlord who asked her to move out of the property can make her feel sad. The happiness she gets from aiding her dogs is so vast that it is enough to keep her standing.

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