Illustrator Accurately Depicts How an Introvert Likes Spending the Weekends


I don’t think I’ve ever met a true introvert. Up until now I thought that I was an introvert, simply because I don’t go out as much as my sister and I enjoy some alone time at home. But, after seeing these illustrations I realised that being an introvert is so much more than just enjoying ‘some alone time’. It is more about keeping yourself and your emotions trapped inside and not let anyone look at either of them. And that’s a shame, because we only have this life to spend with our friends and go out and have fun. When we get older, this is going to be our only choice.

Landysh, one half of the drawing duo Lingvistov, designed how an introvert sees life and especially the weekends.


If you’ve wondered whether you are an introvert or not, these illustrations may give you a more definite answer.


Okay, don’t be fooled by this one. We’ve all done it more or less and it doesn’t mean that we are all introverts.


Now, I feel really great, because most of the times that I didn’t wanna go out and I did, I thought ”I was so stupid to want to stay home on a saturday night”.


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