Indications That Show if Your Relationship Will Last Forever


When a relationship begins, most people tend to think that their union will last forever and that they’ve found the love of their lives. Although that may be proven to be true in the long run, you can’t possibly be 100% sure at that very early stages. What you can do if you want to make sure that your relationship is heading to a good point is see if these 8 very important factors apply to your relationship. If each and every one of them apply to your relationship, then it is highly possible that the two of you have a long future in front of you. If on the other hand, there is a point or two where you are not that much in sync, then you should probably try and do something about it.


1. Having the same sense of humor


Being able to laugh all the time and understand each other’s jokes in the key to a happy relationship.

2. Make sure that you have the same views on parenting


Some people decide to get married without being completely honest about whether they want to have kids or how many kids they want to have. You wanting to stop at one and your partners to want to reach three is a big issue that may create unsolvable problems.


3. Having the same views on finances


Your finances is a very delicate topic and you should be able to talk about everything in a civilized and united way.

4. Having the same opinion about household chores

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It is very important to have lived together before getting married so that you will have sorted out your chores’ program and who does what around the house.


5. Having the same priorities


If your priority is your career and your partner’s priority is having a family, then things are meant to go wrong. Deciding to start a new life together means that you are willing to make the same sacrifices as your partner.

6. You are ready for a common future


You need to be able to imagine a future next to your partner if you want the relationship to work. If you are unable to imagine the two of you in the far future then something’s not working properly.


7. Your shared time is absolutely amazing


Couples who get bored when they are all alone and need other people around them so that they can have fun don’t have a big future ahead of them.

8. Not trying to change each other


If a person’s character doesn’t suit you, don’t make the mistake to think that you can change them. Just end the relationship before things get too serious and messy.

Being in a perfect relationship is a myth. No relationship is perfect and tension-free. You just have to face conflict and disagreement so that you learn to cope with each other and learn one another.


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