Industrial Style Interiors That Will Make You Decide If This Is Your Style



The industrial style is absolutely normal to come across inside the building of a company’s business offices, but it hasn’t been more than a decade that this style is gradually being inserted into residential houses. As a style, it emphasizes on re-used furniture, simple lines and lack of pretention. In some cases, it sends a retro vibe, which mainly derives from the reclaimed furniture and objects that were brought back to life. You’ve seen pictures and you liked the aura of an industrial house, but is this the best style for your house?

1. The industrial style is suited for people who love minimalism and hate furniture that is being mass produces and prefer unique and even handcrafted furniture.


2. Instead of going to IKEA, this style works better with furniture bought from yard sales and flee markets that will not be seen at any other house.


3. Sometimes old furniture might be a bit outdated and uncomfortable to use, so you might need to make a small addition in order to make your life easier.


4. The color palette is usually neutral and quiet, but you can throw some colorful objects that will upset the kinda boring atmosphere.


5. Using old wood in order to make something new is one of the rules of the industrial style. It creates a warm atmosphere and shows your love for the environment.


6. Try to find old pieces of furniture that they wood is still ‘healthy’ and not internally damaged. This will give you the opportunity to improve it without damaging it.


7. Art should not be evacuated from your house. We said minimalism, but not complete disappearance of art pieces.


8. Black and white images and reclaimed metal objects are two best choices when it comes to decorating your walls and your coffee tables. 


Based on your taste, you must know by now if the industrial style is going to work for your own personal space. If minimalism and simple forms and colors is what makes you happy, then this style is probably your stop.


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