Interesting and Bizarre Facts About Life in Japan That Exist Nowhere Else in the World


Japan is one of the most interesting places on earth considering its unique culture and unusual yet genius gadgets. The Asian culture is so much more different than the rest of the world and what is considered normal there, is perceived as weird in the western world. One of the most serious problems that people in Japan face is loneliness. The hectic hours of working and the large number of people creates social alienation and doesn’t leave people the space and time they need to meet. This is why many of this list’s points have something to do with fighting loneliness and finding some companion.


1. The phenomenon of the ‘evaporating people’

Losing social respect in Japan means ‘death’. Either it is actual or social death, people who have failed to keep their social status high (maybe a failed exam, a divorce, a firing) disappear from the world. Families and the police don’t go looking for them, since they suspect that they have committed suicide.


2. You can rest a family and friends

There are agencies that will rent people babies, so that they will feel less lonely. Anyone can hire an actor who will pretend to be anything the customer wants. One agency once performed an entire fake wedding with 50 actor guests and the client paid $18 million for the entire ceremony.


3. Walls are built to protect coastal cities from tsunamis

In the past years many earthquakes and tsunamis have destroyed entire coastal cities and that’s why local governments have built walls that go up to 41 feet high in order to protect them. People don’t like the walls anymore since they block their sea views and make them feel trapped.


4. Agencies can apologize for you for a ‘small’ fee

There are many agencies who are willing to apologize for you for a fee of $240 or $96 if the apology is sent via email. Those who work at these agencies are trained psychologists and they can help you get out of a very sticky situation.


5. You can pay to hug and cuddle with someone

People can visit venues where they are charged $27 as an entrance fee in order to hug or sleep with someone else. Sex is prohibited and the cost goes up depending on the time of co-sleeping. 20 minutes cost $27 and the one hours goes up to $54.


6. Cafes have special areas for lonely people

Moomin Bakery & Café in Tokyo brings a large stuffed animal to sit next to a lonely customer in order to keep them company.


7. There are vending machines for literally everything

Vending machines can be found everywhere in Japan and they sell every possible product that you can imagine. Eggs, bananas, fish, underwear, shoes and umbrellas are only a few of the things that you can buy 24/7 for just a small fee.

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8. Many companies have ‘boredom rooms’ for their employees

Early retirement packages in Japan cost as much as 54 months of pay. Companies like Sony at not willing to pay these amounts and instead create ‘boredom rooms’, where employees sit all day doing nothing. The purpose is to make them feel useless and finally make them quit.


One more choice that people who are lonely is to buy a hugging chair. It is in the shape of a human being with soft, pillow hands that hug those sitting on it. It can be bought for an average of $419.


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