Istanbul’s Most Famous Cat Honored With Its Own Statue At Its Favorite Spot


How would you feel if someone built a statue in your honor? You’d feel really, well, honored, right? Well, take a look at this Istanbul based statue. It is of a cat, but not just any cat, their most famous one. Tombili is an internet sensation whose picture resting on a rim of a sidewalk spread all over the world as a well-loved meme. He was officially Istanbul’s most famous cat, and when he passed away, everyone was heartbroken. So, a monument was built in his honor so that everyone could come and pay their respects to this Istanbul icon and make sure that he was never forgotten. Even the local felines are coming in to take a look at him and make sure that he is always remembered. It’s so nice to see that Tombili is so lovingly remembered even now. It just goes to show you that real fame gets real results.

Tombili the cat passed away recently but it will never be forgotten

Because somebody made a statue!

It’s made of bronze and it sits in the same spot where Tombili was snapped in its famous pose

Cats in the neighbourhood came to pay their respects to Istanbul’s most famous feline

The statue will be officially unveiled on October 4th to coincide with World Animal Day

Tombili’s memory will now live on forever

Rest in peace Tombili!

Via themindcircle