Japanese Artist Tries to Capture Time with His Latest ”Layer Drawings” Exhibition


What do we know about time? First, we know that it cannot be capture, since it passes so fast that no one can really reach its speed. This means that everything we do is static or so it seems. Artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi knows that, but it doesn’t stop him from trying to create a series of images that each one of them is static, but the combination of them creates a time lapse of a certain period of time.

1. Nobuhiro’s exhibition is called Layer Drawings and it features pictures of the same landscape taken at different times during the day.


2. The artist shoots the pictures and puts them on acrylic panels and then places them in an order that creates a continuity of time.


3. Viewing from a certain angle seems like every picture is fading into the other and at the end it is all a blur, where no picture can be seen clearly.


4. This project of Nobuhiro’s is a reminder that time is so ephemeral and goes by so fast that no matter what we do we can’t capture it in its fullness.


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