Japanese Restaurant Offers Customers the Opportunity to Work for Their Meal


Sometimes when people don’t have money to pay for their meal, the owner of the restaurant tells them to work for a couple of hours and make up for what they owe. This restaurant in Japan thought of an even better idea. The owner figured that many people wouldn’t have the money to buy a meal, so she offer anybody who wants the opportunity to work for 50 minutes and get their meal for free. The only permanent staff is the owner herself, who cooks for the 12 customers that the counter can fit in.



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Sekai Kobayashi  is the owner of the restaurant who offers a free meal to those who want to offer their services for 50 minutes.


Facebook | miraisyokudo

Those who work do not mess with food, but only serve it, clear tables, wash the dishes and later on clean the restaurant.




First-time customers have to eat at least one time until they can get to work so that they can learn the setting of the restaurant.



So far, 500 people have chosen to work for their meal, proving how genius and helpful Kobayashi’s idea was.




Kobayashi studied engineering and had a few pop-up cafes while studying and later started working for a company that had a recipe website.



The company gave its employees the chance to cook, eat and share their meals with each other.




Her co-workers praised her meals and that was the first time that she considered opening a restaurant and fulfill her dream of serving food.



She also helps many people see how it is to work at a restaurant and realize whether this business is for them or not.

Kobayashi is most excited about working with a new person every time and getting to know hundreds of people who work in her kitchen. Some of the workers are more devoted and have worked for her numerous of times showing a devotion to the food industry.


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