Jennifer Aniston Crashes Instagram and Breaks World Guiness Record in Under 6 Hours


Jennifer Aniston’s debute on Instagram was more than impressive, managing to gather over 1 million follower in less than six hours. The frenzy was such, that the page actually crashed and the popular actress managed to break the world Guiness record and become the first person on Instagram who got to 1 million followes in such a short time frame.


She created her account on Tuesday and her first post was a selfie picturing a reunion with all of her “Friends” costars. Below is the selfie that marked Aniston’s record-breaking Instagram debute.

I can’t think of a more iconic selfie than this one and I honestly felt the nostalgia immediately after seing it. No wonder the image became viral, right? Currently, her account has gathered over 11,000,000 followers and I am sure the number will only increase in the following days.


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