La Boqueria in Barcelona Is a Food Market That You Don’t Want to Miss


When I visited La Boqueria a year ago, I was truly amazed by the diversity in the food choices that were spread in front of me. Either you wanted to sit on a table of a shop and have a quick bite or you just wanted to walk around the market and buy snacks, La Boqueria was perfect. It is truly the most colorful and shiny food market that I have visited so far. The food market in Rotterdam was great as well, but La Boqueria has something unique that attracts thousands of people.

One of the things that you will find in large quantities is fresh fruit and vegetables. These stands are so full of produce that you won’t know what to buy first.


You hungry but you don’t have enough time to sit down and have a bite? No problem! Just buy a large burrito that will bring pleasure to your hungry stomach.


It might be easy to get some Jamon back with you, but at least you can buy a small piece and try and see how delicious it is.


Are you a mushroom enthusiast? When I say mushrooms I mean the eating kind and not the hallucinogenic one.


La Boqueria can satisfy even the biggest sweet tooths out there with a large collection of jelly and candy.


If you want is some breakfast or a light snack, you can choose any puff pastry pie that is offered from many stands.


If you are a vegan or just an advocate of healthy eating, the choices you have in fruit salads and freshly squeezed juices are vast.


The market has also a section with seafood, where you can get fresh shrimps, crabs, octopus, lobsters and a variety of fish.


The only negative about La Boqueria is how crowded the place is especially during the hot and warm months of the year, when tourists are mainly visiting the city. This means that you should be very careful of your personal belongings, since anyone could grab your wallet.

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