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Lauren Ko Is Taking Instagram by Storm With Her Exquisite Pies

Instagram | lokokitchen


Nowadays, you don’t have to open a bake shop or create an online business to sell your baked goods. Having something as simple as an Instagram account and posting your creations there, is more than enough. Lauren Ko knows this better than any of us, with her homemade pies and their detailed and colorful decoration having evolved into a sensation and making her Instagram famous. She doesn’t need to open a shop. If she wanted to, she could sell her pies right from her Instagram account and make tons of money. I would be her best customer!

Lokokitchen is Lauren Ko’s Instagram username and her pies have taken us by storm.

Instagram | lokokitchen

Lauren started publishing her pies on August 2017 and in that short period of time, she has managed to get people’s attention.

Instagram | lokokitchen

Lauren does not want to open a bakery shop and has been asked to sell her pies to customers, but has declined their offers.

Instagram | lokokitchen

She is a ‘normal, everyday person’, with an eight-to-five job that is unrelated to food.

Instagram | lokokitchen

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