Luxury Villa in Dubai Is Floating On the Water


Are you one of those people who wished the whole 12 months of the year were summer? Were you also dreaming of having a house near the sea or even better on top of it? Well, your life just got better, since you can have that (at least the second part) even for a limited amount of time. Floating Seahorse is a villa in Dubai that offers its guest the opportunity to spend their vacation not only next to the sea, but on top of it. Imagine 7-10 days of not getting out of the sea for a minute!

1. The Kleindienst Group designed the floating villa, launched it at the International Boat Show and won the award for ‘Best Use of Technology & Smart Projects’.


2. The villa is designed to have 1-2 bedrooms underwater, so that the residents have a view of the ocean.


3. The floating villa was until recently just a design on a computer, but it finally came to life and is located in the artificial islands of ”The Heart of Europe”.


4. The Design Company wishes to create another 41 seahorse villas that will be permanently placed in a certain location.


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