Magnificent Lip Art That Will Teach You What Glamour Is

Instagram | ditteschaal

The lips is one of the most popular face parts for makeup artists to try new designs and experiment with all kinds of materials. Kat Von D is not just a makeup artist who like to create beautiful looks. She is an artist who stretches the boundaries of beauty and wants the people who work with her to think the same way. At KVD Artistry Collective, various makeup artists create lip art looks that are the exact opposite of ordinary and create a deep sensation of creativity and darkness. The looks may not be easy to wear in everyday life, but they sure are wonderful for a special occasion like Halloween and/or parties.


Instagram | kelseyannaf

Vampire red.


Instagram | megbaldini

Floral plastic on orange lips.


Instagram | kelseyannaf

Black glitter splash.


Instagram | juscallmetara

Mesmerizing shades of red glitter.


Instagram | megbaldin

Jackson Pollock-inspired.


Instagram | ditteschaal

A mighty unusual combination comes to life.


Instagram | spooky_bunny_

The darkness of the purple.


Instagram | kelseyannaf

You can visit KVD Artistry Collective and see more of these magnificent lip art looks that transfer out of the reality we live and take you to a new, imaginative world.


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