Majuli Is the World’s Largest River Island With Respectable Biodiversity


Our planet is a unique place that contains even the most unique and weird places and people that we coul possibly find. A river island is not something that we’ve never heard before, but the size of Majuli is something to remember. Majuli is currently the largest river island in the world, but it has shrunk over the past few years, since the river surrounding it has grown significantly. It is expected that in over 15-20 years the island will have been covered completely from water or have been destroyed from erosion.

Majuli is a river island located in the Brahmaputra river and measuring a little less than 1,000 square meters.


It might be small, but it’s worth taking a notice.

The river lost 352 square meters of its land due to erosion, but is still the largest river island in the world.


See? Not that small!

Anyone can access the island by ferry from the city of Jorhat. 


Ferry services operate six times a day.

The main industry is agriculture, with 100 varieties of rice grown completely natural with absolutely no pesticides.


You can always find the best food in this kind of little places.

Fishing is also a major economic factor and intricate weaving with cotton and silk will impress even the most sceptical of people.


Just look at the image above!

The population consists of tribals, non-tribal and the scheduled castes. 


144 villages exist, with a population of over 150,000 people.

The island is home to many unique pieces of flora and fauna, with many endangered species (siberian crane, whistling teal) finding home there.


Have you ever heard of eco-tourism?

The festival of Ali aye ligang is a cultural event that is being celebrated for a week in February and local dishes are cooked.


The Union Government of India has spent 55$ for saving the island and maintaining its rich land. The erosion of the island is a major problem that they haven’t managed to solve yet, but let’s hope that their efforts will be fruitful in the future.


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