Man Lost 20 Pounds Even After Eating Chipotle Every Day for 3 Months


When you decide that you won’t to lose a few pounds, you already know from what you’ve heard that you need to cut back on fast food and start preparing all of your meals, which will mainly consist of fruit, vegetable, fish and not so much bread. While this is the case with most diets that dieticians suggest, there are another two options that seems to be very trendy these days. We are talking about intermittent fasting and IIFYM. Both techniques allow you to consume one large meal per day, let it sit for about 8 hours and start fasting and exercising for the rest of your day. These techniques are very controversial amongst doctors, but have become very popular amongst people, who find their results incredible. Blake Horton was one of the first people to go public about his intermittent fasting technique.


Tyler Marinelli (26) whittled his body fat from 30 to 22 after eating chipotle every day for 3 months


Sounds crazy, right?

What he did was eating whenever he wanted, whatever he wanted and however much he wanted


That’s the dream, people.


He followed a combination of intermittent fasting and IIFYM and he started losing weight no matter his eating plan


It worked like magic!

He would leave an 8-hour-window for him to eat and he would fast for the rest of the day


Okay, I take it back, that sounds painful.


He was very careful with the calories he was consuming, taking 1,800 on his workout days and 1,200 on his rest days


So, that’s not exactly the same as eating however much he wanted.

He ate egg whites, beans, yogurt and chicken and rice every day


Missing some fruit, isn’t he?


Nutritionists say that these two methods of dieting are calorie-controlled for losing weight since they are based on protein


That makes sense, right?

However, the absence of fruit and vegetables are bound to create some nutrient deficiency in the long run


Marinelli said that after starting his diet, he has fully understood how important one’s diet is in order to lose weight and change their appearance. Working out isn’t enough or the only factor, like many people used to believe.


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