Maria Milosevic’s Portraits Are a Depiction of Beauty That Every Person Has

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Last week I contacted Maria, a fellow student from Film School, who is taking upon photography and shoots human-centered portraits and photos. I have admired her work for quite some time now and I just thought that it would be great to share her pictures with the world. Not many people are aware of her talent just yet, but I am sure that this will change in the near future.

1. Maria Milosevic is a Greek-Serbian photographer who entered Film School back in 2012 and is now in her final steps of graduating.

Facebook | milosevicmariaphotography

2. Maria always loved to take photos of pretty much everything that passed her way. She got her first camera when she entered Film School and right at that moment she realized her huge love for photography.

Facebook | milosevicmariaphotography

3. She has a tendency to shoot portraits of people, since she has always been impressed by the human face and expression.

Facebook | milosevicmariaphotography

4. She loves to experiment on a model’s face and adjust the lighting so that it compliments it as much as possible.

Facebook | milosevicmariaphotography

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