What Does It Mean If You Have A Double Hair Whorl?

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Okay, so in case you don’t know what a hair whorl is, we are talking about this patch of hair growing in a circular direction, at the top of your head. They are also called hair crowns and cowlicks (for obvious reasons) and look like the picture above. Most people have one, but what you might didn’t know is that some people have more than one.

Not only do some people have a double hair crown, but in some cases there are three of them. It kinda looks cool, don’t you think?


I guess the triple swirl must be extremely rare. However, about 5% of the toddlers in the U.S.A are estimated to have a double hair whorl.


In America, tradition says that if you have a double cowlick as a baby, you will become exceptionally intelligent.

This is not backed by science though.


On the other hand, in neonatal care, a red flag for possible aberrant brain development is the presence of more than two whorls or uncommon placement of two or more whorls.

It is said that these phenomena can be linked to autism.


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