Memes About the Pope That Will Have You Laughing in Tears


For Catholics, the Pope is the symbol of Christianity and holiness, since he is the only human being to be considered infaulible. The word indicates that he does not make mistakes, but like all humans he sins as well. Although, with all these rumors and unverified truths about the Vatican, people just can’t take his figure seriously and try to create a different universe around him that resembles the lives of normal people. You can see the Pope participating in situations that you would never expect him to be and just the thought to that can make you burst to laughter.

Copying Marilyn Monroe but in a bit different way


That’s how you do it!

Because EVERYONE’s worth it


Burberry vs The Vatican


Oh yeah!

Umm, that’s just awkward

Twitter | casatino

Oh well…

Still waiting for signal



The ‘should be’ part has been thrown out the window a long time now


Pop memes are more than okay. They give me life!

Straight Outta Vatican


Cooler than you’ll ever be.

Old Pope, old traditions


If some of you felt insulted, I would like to apologize, since that was not my intent. This is simply a funny collection of images that present the Pope as a human being like the rest of us.

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