Models Who Inspire Us with Their Uniqueness and Fearlessness

Instagram | aneveningbreeze

A long time ago, a gap between your teeth, a few extra pounds and freckles were enough to cut your wings in the fashion industry. Since that time, many things have changed. The positive change is the fact that anybody can make their dreams come true in the fashion and beauty industry, since the beauty standards have changed. We have become way more accepting of people’s uniqueness and differences and we realize that being a model doesn’t mean being anorexic and traditionally gorgeous. Now, don’t get me wrong. We still have a long road to walk, but we’ve already made some very important progress.


1. Jeana Turner

Instagram | jeanaturner

Jeana has alopecia and took the courage to reveale her true self after competing in America’s Next Top Model. Since that moment, she says that she feels completely free.

2. Carissa Pinkston

Instagram | cisforcarissa

Carissa’s face is full of freckles and that’s exactly why she prefers bright images and bring attention to them.


3. Tia Jonsson

Instagram | antiagencyldn

Tia has a skin pigmentation disorder that gives her this unique look, where part of her pair is blonde and a smaller part of it is white.

4. Somalia Knight

Instagram | les_premiers

Somalia was terribly bullied in school about her ears, but later in life realized that she should not be ashamed of herself. Her ears became a huge asset in the career in modeling.


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