Nail Art Designs Every Woman Interested in Beauty Should See


Sometimes decorating your nails is all you really need. Many women have an unexplainable obsession with their nails and I can’t blame them. The nails are just another part of our bodies that can be specially taken care of and it is upon every woman’s choice to decide whether she will decorate them or let them be. This article is probably for those who won’t let them be.


1. This one is suitable for autumn or winter.

Pinterest | Екатерина Устимова

2. Geometry always look amazing.

Pinterest | Tiffany

3. The black color and these golden lines around the nails work together perfectly.

Pinterest | Jearl

4. You should probably go to an expert and ask for this one.

Pinterest | Teloka Pro

5. Lovely design, especially if you have short nails. 

Pinterest | kenji matsuzawa 松澤

6. Is there a better way to do a french manicure? 

Pinterest | Martha Leticia Pinto Salazar

7. You can write any small world you like on these white nails.

Pinterest | Tina Besko

8. The feathers are the exceptional thing about this manicure.

Pinterest | Sofía Quesada

9. For these ladies who like to be a little extravagant.

Pinterest | Jennifer Shearer

10. Simple and black.

Pinterest | Laurie Ramos

11. The stars and the moon.

Pinterest | Nicole Inteso

12. Suitable for all year long.

Pinterest | Τζενη Βλχ

I hope you enjoyed our list and found your next manicure design among the designs shown above.


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