Namibia Is a Place Full of Colors and Intoxicating Natural Landscapes


Namibia is a country in the Southern part of Africa and a population of 2.1 million people. It has a stable multi-party parliament democracy and agriculture, tourism and mining are their people’s main income sources. The country’s land is very rich, with gold, silver, diamonds and other base metals found under its grounds. Tourism is one very important economical factor of the country, since it benefits thousands of locals and it’s time you knew how beautiful the country is.


Namibia has an extensive wildlife and is known for ecotourism, even though its dry climate is not helping the tourists nor the animals.

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The country is trying very hard to maintain and protect its unique species, but humans are very often prove their efforts fruitless.

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Sport hunting is a widely popular and profitable activity, with other extreme sporst like skydiving being available too.

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Quadbiking is a sport in which you ride a four-wheel vehicle and ride the desert and it has become very popular in Namibia the past few years.

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If you prefer the water, you can go on a dolphin cruise, diving, kitesurfing, rafting, canoeing and on other activities.

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In Namibia you will experience the most stress-free vacation in your life. You don’t need an expensive spa to get the stress out, but only the natural landscape of this country.

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You also have the opportunity and ability to meet the native people and interact with them and their everyday activities.

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If you want more than just a trip to Namibia, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities in local hospitals and wildlife protection organizations.

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I know that Namibia is not on the first lines of your travelling list or on the agenda of big travelling agencies, but don’t you want to see a part of the world that few people have seen compared to all the famous countries? Don’t you want to feel and live through experiences that no other place can offer?


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