National Geographic’s Latest Cover Issue Is Exposing the Ugly Truth About the Use of Plastic


When National Geographic released its latest issue, everyone applauded its cover and generally the theme that the first followed. Planet or Plastic is the question that it asks the entire world and the images that are featured in the magazine are simply horrifying. China produces one quarter of the global plastic and 9 million tonnes of the worldly production goes to waste in our environment. National Geographic’s campaign aims to inform people and make them more sensitive over the use of plastic. Small changes could result in reduction of plastic use and therefore a healthier and plastic-free world.

Planet or Plastic? is the question that NG asks


9 million tonnes of plastic end up in our environment each year

Photo by John Cancalosi.


Scientists aim to inform the public about the long term impacts of plastic in our planet

Photo by Randy Olson.


Eventually discarted plastic ends up in our food chain and our plates

Photo by Jordi Chias.


Seahorses stumble upon plastic garbage in their effort to ride currents

Photo by Justin Hofman.


About 700 species of marine animals have been reported to have eaten plastic or been trapped in it

Photo by David Jones.


Less than a 5th of the plastic is recycled globally. Most of it doesn’t even get in the recycle bins

Photo by Randy Olson.


79% of the plastic in 2015 was found in the environment, while only 9% was recycled

Photo by Abdul Hakim.


Trying to use less plastic is not some big sacrifice that we are required to make. It is a small change that needs to happen if we need to live in a healthy environment, where we don’t eat plastic along with our food.

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