Nestinbox Is a Project Where Homes Are Hanging From a Cliff


Foundations. This is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a house. But, what if those foundations were not put in the ground but on a cliff? I just wonder how safe and comfortable a person must feel when living in a house that has no apparent support on the ground. I guess the Swedish firm Manofactory must have found a way to offer the residents of these houses the sense of safety and stability.

A Nestinbox is a 50 square-meter home that can be attached to a cliff and be accessed by pathways.


The house has all the necessary rooms, including a kitchen, bathroom, living room and a bedroom.


Due to the size of the houses, one or two people can live in them and enjoy all of its offerings.


Every house has windows in two of the four sides and one main entrance door for the obvious reasons.


Every house in built in a three floor plan, with every floor connecting with each other using a spiral staircase.


The facades are clad with horizontal light and dark wood panels, where the combination of light and dark creates a beautiful interplay.


This plan can be transferred to any city and country where cliffs are making it hard for people to build houses.


Homes similar to Nestinbox have been manufactured before, but no other with such a smart and pioneering floor plan.

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It might look scary to live in a house where the floor is literally floating in the air, but it sure is interesting and not only architecturally. Since our population is rising by the minute, new and smart ways have to be found in order to accomodate all these people.

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