Nurse Films Shocking Video of How Healthy and Smokers’ Lungs Are Inflated

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It isn’t a secret that smoking does terrible damage to your lungs and in the long run many problems are due to appear on way or another. Some people are going to get lung cancer, others will have breathing issues and some others may come across heart troubles. Amanda Eller is a nurse from North Carolina, who wanted to show everyone the difference between healthy lungs and a smoker’s lungs. It is not just the color that shocks viewers, but also the way they are inflated and how the smoker’s lungs have trouble getting oxygen and keeping it in.

This is Amanda Eller who decided to show the damage that smoking does to your lungs

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Amanda is a nurse in North Carolina and she has probably seen many people suffering from smoking-related issues.

This is the image with the two lungs that made everyone feel disgusted with smoking

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The video that she posted was shared more that 600 thousands times on Facebook.

The healthy lungs are inflated the way lungs should

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The inflation is perfectly normal with the lungs going back to their natural state after exhalation.

The smoker’s lungs are inflated by very poorly

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These lungs’ elastance is gone, so they will stretch out but then the recoil of them just snaps right back.

She also need to try harder to inflate them and they just don’t last that long

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Elastance is the ability of lungs to rebound after inhalation.

Comments from people who gave up smoking started coming in

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People shared their struggle with quitting smoking.

Most of the comments came from people who wanted or had quit smoking and felt good about it

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Most people felt liberated and healthier after quitting smoking.

There were also people who were defending their decision to keep on smoking

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You don’t need a doctor or anyone else to tell you how bad smoking is for your health. All you need to realize is that you are invinsible and that you might be young and healthy now, but that won’t be the case forever and smoking will only make things worse.

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