One Pot Meals That You Can Easily Prepare While Travelling


Either you are camping somewhere or staying at a shitty rental where you only have one pot and one spoon, you can make yourself something nice to eat, something that you won’t need hours to prepare. Just because you don’t have all the professional equipment that you have back to your base, it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat a respectable meal.

1. Blueberry banana pancakes are easy to make and you only need a few ingredients that are not hard to find.


2. If you need something more powerful to start off your morning, you can make this chickpea and vegetable hash that will give you extra energy for the rest of your day.


3. Who wouldn’t like tortillas dipped in mild chilli sauce and topped with a couple of eggs? It’s a lunch that everyone would eat happily.


4. Either you are vegetarian or you can’t put your hands on meat, you can use red or black lentils to create the most alternative sloppy joes.


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