Ordinary Things That Can Ruin Your Vacation Abroad


Traveling abroad is always a nice way to meet an unknown culture and its completely different people. But, aside from that, going to a foreign country can be quite tricky if you haven’t studied beforehand on the things you can and can’t do. For example, you can’t go to Ontaria, Canada and start whistling, because you might get a fine of 250 Canadian-dollar fine. This is just a precaution so that they can protect themselves from bad noise. This is just a simple example of how you can screw things in foreign countries, but what’s coming is way more compelling.


1. Morning jogs are banned in Burundi


A morning jog in Burundi is considered an act of war and this is why if they catch you running they will arrest you immediately.

2. Don’t wear yellow in Malaysia


The color of yellow is considered an act of protest, which means that if wearing it it could get you arrested.


3. You should always wear clothes when driving in Thailand


Just because it is super hot, it doesn’t mean that you can drive your car wearing just your bikini. You should always have some type of clothing covering your body.

4. Don’t take an Uber in Colombia


Taking an Uber in Colombia is illegal. If you don’t want to be arrested and the driver to lose his car, you must always sit in the front next to him and not in the back seats.


5. Don’t wear flip flops in Italy


If you ever visit Capri in Italy, you should not wear flip flops, simple because they are banned. Beach shoes are always illegal since they make a lot of noise.

6. In Saudi Arabia men are not allowed to visit supermarkets


This is a rule that is meanth to protect the moral values of women.


7. No selfies are allowed in The United Arab Emirates


It is prohibited to take pictures of locals no matter where you are and in some beaches it is even illegal to take your own pictures.

8. Plastic bags are not allowed in Kenya


In Kenya, you can be fined up to $38,000 if you use a plastic bag.

As you can see, there are many things that we consider as natural, but in several parts of the world are banned and illegal, which should make you be more careful for when you travel abroad.


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