People Find It Hard to Decide Whether This Woman’s Photo Shows One or Both Her Legs

Twitter | milanoysl


All this 18-year-old woman from Granada did was post a selfie showing her new outfit and being proud of combining vertical with horizontal lines. Just a few hours after her image was uploaded, people all over Twitter were talking and tweeting about her. The reason was that the first time you look at her selfie it seems like her feet are extremely thin. In the end, it’s just an optical illusion, since the vertical line on her pants looks like a separator of her two feet, but in reality it’s just one foot showing in the picture.

The much debated selfie

Twitter | milanoysl

At first, we all made the same assumption

Twitter | ErikPryal

How skinny could her legs be?

Twitter | maaxiavs

Once you see it, it’s hard to unsee it

Twitter | leolopezmusic

What do you think?

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